Forks in the Road – read it and eat

16 May

Cover of Forks in the Road

Our virtual overlanding friends – the trio that make up a website and work-while-you-travel lifestyle called Life Remotely – have done something many of us think we’d like to, but don’t bother to try. They’ve written a beautiful cookbook.

We’ve bought one, in ebook form. And we hope you want to too. It would be the kind thing to do to your tastebuds and stomach, it supports a bunch of people who have been immeasurably helpful to other overlanders with their free advice and tips and… here’s the good bit… if you buy it via our special link – below and at the end of this post – we get a nice kickback from the profits. Every one a winner!

Here’s that magic link. Click here to view more details

While Forks in the Road is aimed at nomadic overlanders it by no means excludes the ‘settled’ population. In fact, it transfers perfectly into the different moods and circumstances of normal life, from on-the-run breakfasts and lunches, to ‘I’m tired and dirty and just want to eat’ dinners and ‘I’m feeling fancy’ meals. Outdoorsy types will love the tips on cooking over an open fire – from slow roasting huge chunks of meat to baking or steaming with a cast-iron ‘oven’. And for every mood, there’s a cocktail recipe!

As Jessica, Kobus and Jared have just completed the PanAm route from the US to Argentina, the book of course includes loads of Latin American recipes and twists – like empanadas, ceviche and chimichurri steak – as well as some North American favourites and dishes from their other travels. There’s a love for comfort food, like their slow-cooked pork chilli, BBQ ribs, stews, soups and sweet treats.

The great thing about it is that it’s unpretentious – they love to cook from scratch but will suggest ready-made supermarket stuff, alongside homemade alternatives if you have the time and inclination. All the ingredients are easily available, even if you don’t live somewhere with a Latin American population.

And it shouldn’t really make a difference to the taste – but the recipes are beautifully photographed and presented.

If you’re reading this from outside the US, you might want to consider the ebook as your best option. Self-publishing is a tricky business, with no special deals for international shipping if you are a mere mortal. As someone close to the project said to me: “Americans can figure out how to get discounted weapons around the world but can’t mail a single book without breaking the bank.”

Have a sneaky peek below. Buen provecho!

Here’s that really clever link again: Click here to view more details

Chimichurri steak and veggies





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