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Surfing the (short) waves

22 Oct

You can keep your iPod touch, your Spotify or digital downloads, for we have discovered the beauty of shortwave radio.

Ok, admittedly you have to stand on top of the van, contorted in a grotesque manner holding the aerial towards some mythical point in the sky and turn slowly in time with the rotation of the earth to gain entry to this mysterious world. You need the hearing of a dog to make out real words amongst the hiss and crackle but, oh, when you get all the elements aligned what awaits you has to be heard to be believed.

Camping at Bahia de Concepcion

Still not bored of the beach yet, Bahia de Concepcion

Thanks to the cuts you can’t get the BBC, and it’s not the latest mariachi bands or club remixes of Mariah Carey’s back catalogue which have drawn us in but – and there’s no kind way to say this – the crazy people who apparently are allowed to broadcast from the US, presumably as part of their rehabilitation.

We have learned so much from them. We now know, thanks to the plethora of creationist radio shows, that “iPhones don’t come from no slimeball”. Apparently those who believe in evolution think they do.

We know that Barack Obama is a communist and, from one caller, that he goes in to patriotic Americans’ homes and steals money from their wallets. It’s not a metaphor, he’s actually seen it happen! And, if you hadn’t heard already, Idaho is being run by the Chinese Communist Party.

Mision de Nuestra Senora de Loreto

But there's culture too - Mision de Nuestra Senora de Loreto

From the survivalist stations, we learned that we need to be stockpiling guns and ammo and food and many other things because we have enemies out there and they are coming to get us.. oh and so much more.

In the past few days we’ve enjoyed such gems while camping at Playa Los Cocos on the gorgeous Bahia de Concepcion. We kayaked to a remote island (thanks Joe and Carol for the kayak), swam in the crystal clear waters, visited Mulege and its picturesque Jesuit mission and drove the winding but beautiful coastal road to Loreto where the lovely historic town is preparing to celebrate the 314th anniversary of its founding. Let the party begin…

JD, Loreto, Baja California, Mexico

Days: 19
Miles: 989.6
Things we now know to be true: When you pee in the sea jellyfish come over and sting your bum.